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Turn a Webcam into a Motion Sensing Security Camera

Thanks to the cheapness and ubiquity of the webcam, it’s now both easy and affordable to roll your own surveillance system. In this video tutorial, I’ll be demonstrating how to turn a cheap webcam into a motion-sensing surveillance camera. 0
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A guide to free antivirus applications on the Mac

A lot has been written arguing for or against the need for an antivirus application on the Mac. Due to their small numbers, Mac users have been lucky to go about their business with almost no fear of being targeted by malware and viruses. It’s called security through obscurity, and it’s a sort of security [...]
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How to tell if your antivirus is really malware

Viruses are scary. Unfortunately, a lot of malicious sites are designed to take advantage of this fear, by tricking unsuspecting people into thinking their computer has been hijacked in order extract money for “protection.” In the past, this type of attack has been limited to annoying pop up ads that blink and flash messages like [...]
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