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All you need to know about Simplenote

Just type. Adam Pash at Lifehacker has put out this complete guide to Simplenote, but even that feels like more explanation than it needs. In short, it comes down to two words: Just. Type. Simplenote, for the uninitiated, is a web and iOS application that automatically stores all of your plain text and syncs it [...]
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Installing non-Android Market Apps on an HTC Aria

If you only followed major media outlets, you’d be forgiven for thinking that only worthwhile smartphone available to AT&T Wireless subscribers in the US is the iPhone. With the release of the HTC Aria running Google’s Android OS, AT&T does offer up a worthwhile alternative. The phone’s biggest drawback, however, is it’s inability to install [...]
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Gear Guide: Using an iPhone or iPod Touch as a Computer Replacement

With the release of iOS 4, iPhone and iPod Touch owners now have the option of pairing their devices with a Bluetooth keyboard. With rumors surfacing that Apple will soon make available a version of iWork for these devices, there’s definite potential for using these devices as an ultra mobile replacement for a computer. In [...]
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A guide to iOS 4 (not mine)

Remember that iOS 4 guide that I was planning on finishing last week? As you can see, it hasn’t materialized, thanks in equal parts to some Final Cut issues and the realization that there are already about a million other videos on the same topic. This 10 minute guide by TiPB is one of the [...]
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E-reader price war!

So I was all set to spend most of my day perusing the numerous iOS 4 articles, when lo and behold, Amazon and Barnes & Noble start trading price drops on their respective e-readers. Barnes & Noble took the first shot, announcing a Wi-fi only Nook for $149 and a price drop on the 3G [...]
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iOS 4 is coming!

There’s been loads of headaches for people trying to get a piece of Apple’s new iPhone hardware. But for those of you who’ll just be sticking to a software upgrade, tomorrow is the launch of iOS 4, the latest refresh for the renamed iPhone OS. There’s plenty of new features, most prominently “multitasking,” which adds [...]
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