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Hulu on Boxee

The news has been active in recent weeks in the streaming set-top box market, with the release of both the Google TV enabled Logitech Revue and the Boxee Box. Unfortunately, the fanfare that should be accompanying these products has been overshadowed by news that the major networks have managed to block nearly all of their [...]
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A comparison of digital video boxes

With the recent news about Google TV and the revision of the Apple TV, there’s been quite a bit of interest in set top boxes that provide you with a way of playing digital video on your television. Though Apple and Google are set to be the two big players in this market, there’s a [...]
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Boxee adds a Movie Library

When I was planning out the Boxee tutorial video that I put out earlier this month, one of things that really bugged me was the inconsistent menus – how come there’s a “Library” option in the TV and Apps section, but nothing like it in the Movies section? If I wanted to do any browsing, [...]
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Boxee not playing well with CBS

I’ve got a couple updates on the How to use Boxee tutorial I posted last week. First off, the people at Boxee mentioned it on their Facebook fan page. A big welcome to all the new readers/viewers who’ve found their way from that post. One thing that was pointed out to me in the comments [...]
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How to Use Boxee

Attaching a computer to your television opens up a great deal of entertainment content that was previously unavailable to you in the living room. But since you’re not sitting right in front of the screen, it can feel not as easy or pleasant as using your cable or satellite box. Thankfully, there are a host [...]
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Google on the Big Screen

This past week, Google finally gave us a much more fleshed out view of how their new Google TV service is going to look like (their introduction video from last month left a lot to the imagination). Much like Chrome, the interface design sticks to Google’s philosophy of one box to do everything – be [...]
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