A guide to AT&T freebies

With the release of the iPhone on Verizon, it seems that AT&T is doing all it possibly can to keep its customers from jumping ship. But unless AT&T has contacted you directly, you might not be aware of all the freebies you can get. In this post, I’ve rounded up these deals and just what you have to do to get them.

Get 1000 extra minutes

It was widely reported on a number of blogs that by texting the word “yes” to 11113020, AT&T customers could get an extra 1000 minutes. I honestly thought it sounded like a scam, but 9to5mac has apparently confirmed it with AT&T. The deal expires March 31, and applies to all AT&T customers, not just iPhone users.

Get unlimited data

If you had an iPhone when it came with an unlimited data plan, but changed to one of the new restricted data plans, it’s possible you may be able to get it back at the same price. AT&T isn’t advertising it and you can’t sign up for it through all of the normal channels – you’ll have to call customer service and ask nicely.

Get a free femtocell

If you’re in a batch of customers that AT&T has targeted as the “top 7.5%” of customers most likely to receive poor cell reception, you may have already received a letter or email from the company offering a free femtocell base station if you stay on for another year. A femtocell acts like a small cell tower that uses your home’s broadband connection to provide cellular service. While AT&T hasn’t made the offer available to everyone, I have read accounts of customers who have successfully gotten one by speaking with the “retention” department when calling customer service.

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