Boxee not playing well with CBS

I’ve got a couple updates on the How to use Boxee tutorial I posted last week. First off, the people at Boxee mentioned it on their Facebook fan page. A big welcome to all the new readers/viewers who’ve found their way from that post.

One thing that was pointed out to me in the comments on Youtube was that the version of Boxee I was running was quite old (it was a build put out sometime in February). After a few panicked moments, I downloaded the most recent build of Boxee, only to find the changes were minor.

The image on the left is the Settings menu in the video, the one on the right is from the current build

Thankfully, the instructions on the video still apply. If you’re running an older version of Boxee, I highly recommend picking up the latest build. The old version used to make the fans on my laptop run overtime, but this new one makes them run much quieter.

I have noticed one issue that really dampens the Boxee experience, however. Playing content from through Boxee means giving up all control over playback. This means no pausing, seeking, or volume controls. If you start playing a video, you’re best off watching it all the way through, because pressing stop won’t save your place (you’ll have to start watching from the beginning).

Unfortunately, the experience watching directly from on a web browser isn’t any better. When you pause a video there, the video will minimize and you’ll get an ad for their Big Brother reality show instead. There’s also some ridiculous ads for Sprint that pull you out of full screen mode. I’ve got a suspicion that it has something to do with how Boxee handles the video, since it’s something I haven’t seen with any other video streaming sources (Hulu allows pause, but not seeking).

Hopefully Boxee’s developers will get it sorted by the time it hits 1.0, but until then you’ll have to make sure to go to the bathroom before you start playing a CBS video.

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