Google on the Big Screen

This past week, Google finally gave us a much more fleshed out view of how their new Google TV service is going to look like (their introduction video from last month left a lot to the imagination). Much like Chrome, the interface design sticks to Google’s philosophy of one box to do everything – be it finding a recording on your DVR or accessing an external website.

It looks pretty slick, but one thing this video doesn’t address is what you’re supposed to do if you don’t know what to search for. Television, probably more than any other medium, is really tied into our desire to zone out and channel surf. At some point, it’d be nice to see how browsing content is going to work on Google TV.

Another concern I have is whether or not accessing the web on a TV is really going to be any good. Unless you’ve got a 50 inch screen, or park your couch a foot away from your TV, doing any significant reading is probably going to be fairly difficult. One thing that could address this is whether or not developers will want to jump into this platform. A custom app (perhaps something from Instapaper?) could extract text from a website and enlarge it to readable size. Likewise, a Twitter app from Tweetdeck or Iconfactory could be quite interesting (the demo of in the video looked pretty uninspired).

Once Google TV actually comes out, we’ll be able to see just how it compares to existing media center programs like Boxee and XBMC.

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