E-reader price war!

So I was all set to spend most of my day perusing the numerous iOS 4 articles, when lo and behold, Amazon and Barnes & Noble start trading price drops on their respective e-readers.

Barnes & Noble took the first shot, announcing a Wi-fi only Nook for $149 and a price drop on the 3G Nook that brought its price down to $199.

Only a couple hours later, Amazon announced that they would beat the price on the 3G Nook by $10, dropping the price of the 6″ normal sized Kindle to $189 (as of now, there is no Wi-fi only version of the Kindle).

One can only imagine that the ball is now in Sony’s hands, whose Readers at one time seemed to be the low-cost option among all three competing companies, but now seems significantly overpriced (the medium size “Touch Edition” goes for $199, while the much smaller “Pocket Edition” retails for $169).

Most reviews I’ve read have put the Kindle at the top of the heap, thanks to its light weight and quick screen refresh rates. At present, I’ve eschewed all of these devices for the free Stanza app on my iPod Touch, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on the $149 Wi-fi Nook thanks to its rock bottom price.

If you’re in the market for an e-reader, this handy feature comparison on Wikipedia might prove useful (if you don’t pass out from information overload).

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