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A guide to iOS 4 (not mine)

Remember that iOS 4 guide that I was planning on finishing last week? As you can see, it hasn’t materialized, thanks in equal parts to some Final Cut issues and the realization that there are already about a million other videos on the same topic. This 10 minute guide by TiPB is one of the [...]
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How to Preserve an iPhone or iPod Touch Backup

iTunes is a great way of managing our media and devices and leaving a lot of the more complex aspects behind the scenes. This works well a lot of the time, but every once in a while, there’s some things that leave a lot to be desired in terms of iTunes’ functionality. In this video, [...]
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E-reader price war!

So I was all set to spend most of my day perusing the numerous iOS 4 articles, when lo and behold, Amazon and Barnes & Noble start trading price drops on their respective e-readers. Barnes & Noble took the first shot, announcing a Wi-fi only Nook for $149 and a price drop on the 3G [...]
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iOS 4 is coming!

There’s been loads of headaches for people trying to get a piece of Apple’s new iPhone hardware. But for those of you who’ll just be sticking to a software upgrade, tomorrow is the launch of iOS 4, the latest refresh for the renamed iPhone OS. There’s plenty of new features, most prominently “multitasking,” which adds [...]
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Google on the Big Screen

This past week, Google finally gave us a much more fleshed out view of how their new Google TV service is going to look like (their introduction video from last month left a lot to the imagination). Much like Chrome, the interface design sticks to Google’s philosophy of one box to do everything – be [...]
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How to rip a Blu-Ray disc

I don’t own any Blu-Ray discs, so I don’t have any plans on making a similar video to my DVD ripping one anytime soon. The process, however, is pretty similar: use a decrypter to remove copy protection and copy the disc to your hard drive, then run Handbrake to turn those raw files into smaller [...]
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How to Rip a DVD (Mac)

So iTunes offers us a very easy and simple way to convert our music on CDs into digital files. But what if you’re interested in converting your movies or television shows on DVD into digital files? Poke around in iTunes for a few minutes and you’ll quickly find there is no such option. The simple [...]
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